Tibetan Astrology Site

On this site you will find a brief history of the Tibetan Astrology, based on a lecture by the Tibetan Doctor Thubten Puntsok. Also, you can calculate yourself today's astrological details by using the Javascript program included in this site. This program uses the system that has been transmitted by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche in his book "The Key" (or: "Il Chiave" in Italian).

To be able to use this program, you will need to buy the Tibetan Astrological Calendar of the Year, since you will have to feed the program with data from this Calendar. You can obtain a copy easily from the Shang Shung Edizioni (Arcidosso, Italy). Also you can order a copy of "The Key" which gives further details about the calculations of the specific constellations.

Besides a short biography of Doctor Thubten Puntsok, further details are provided concerning the Tibetan Medicine Course that is given at the Shang Shung Institute in Italy.

By these small efforts, may the appreciation and popularity of the Tibetan Astrological system be enhanced, so that people may be enabled to look after their hapinness and that of others!