On invitation of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, Doctor Thubten Phuntsog has spent three months in 1998 in Italy as a guest of the Shang-Shung Institute and of the Dzogchen Community to teach Tibetan medicine.

Doctor Thubten Phuntsog, born in eastern Tibet. is presently professor at the Department of Tibetan Studies of the Central University of Peking where he teaches Tibetan medicine, astrology and astronomy and other disciplines related to Tibetan culture. He is the author of numerous books and publications.

The course of medicine, organized by the Shang-Shung Institute, will tast three years and covers thefundamentals of Tibetan medicine on the basis of the Four Tantras, dealing particularly with physiology, the nature of diseases and how to prevent and treat them according to Tibetan medical science. The course is directed to anyone wishing to deepen the knowledge of oneself to understand how to keep and improve one's health and to know the relationship between inner and outer energies. The Shang-Shung Institute will provide a certificate of attendance.




The length of the studies 2 months

1st Semester.

1.Root Tantra.

2. Explanation's Tantra.


2nd Semester.

Explanation's Tantra.



The length of the studies 2 months.

3rd Semester.

Explanation's Tantra.


4th Semester.

Outer (additional) Tantra.



The length of the studies 2 months.

5th Semester.

  1. Introduction into the herbs. (It would be good if it would appear the possibility to go to Tibet)
  2. Introduction into the healing methods of mantras etc. explained in the khag las hidden Teachings.
  3. Introduction into the systems of preparation of magical puppets etc.
  4. Discourse on the harmftil and injuring (gdon rims) influences.


6th Semester.

  1. The Sections on injuring and harming agents (gdon rims) containing in the teachings of the Essential Instruction's Tantra.
  2. The Sections on injuring and harming agents containlng in the teachings of EVAM and others scriptures.
  3. The Section on the illnesses of the time such as injuring agents that are clarified in Hidden Teachings of the Big and Small Vessel of Nectar.


The reason, why we must do research in modern ways on the theory and practice of that is explained above non-separately with the modern science.