The MacPAR OS X program is no longer supported.

You are recommended to use the MacPAR DeLuxe version of the program,
( this is a project of Gerard Putter on which I have assisted and to which I have given my full support).

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About MacPAR OS X:

MacPAR OS X is a OS X user interface for the PAR utility, to easy create PAR archives or to recover missing files in a chain of multipart files (like .001, .002 etc.) by using .PAR files (like .P01, .P02).

The actual "engine" of this utility is the code that is developped in the Parchive open source project. I simply designed a user-friendly Mac interface.The actual honours should all go to the developers of this project.

On PAR archives:

Nowadays everybody should add PAR files to their uploads of multipart split files to Internet newsgroups. With the PAR utility it is possible to recover any missing part (e.g. that didn't manage to get through to your news server).

Using PAR files will greatly diminish spoiled Internet bandwidth and will prevent you from the deception of having downloaded many files yet not being able to use them since only one part (or more) is missing...

For every missing part one PAR file has to be downloaded in order to recover that missing part. Any PAR file will do. So e.g. if you miss 2 parts you will need 2 PAR files to recover etc. (like e.g. .P02 and .P07 in this example). So it is only necessary to download the number of PAR files corresponding to the number of parts that you are missing.


What you can do with MacPAR OS X

With MacPAR OS X you can create PAR files or recover missing parts from PAR files.

Recovering missing files
To recover just press the button "Recover" to check your downloaded files and to recover the corrupted or missing files. Just choosing one of the PAR files (.PAR, .P01 etc.), will be sufficient for the process to start. Select the option "Mixed" if you have different sets of downloaded files in the same directory to process all archives at once.
Since beta version 2 drag and drop is enabled. Now you can drag PAR files to the MacPAR icon on your desktop, in your folder or in the Dock to start the recovering process.
See the Release Notes.

Creating archives
You can easily create PAR files (.PAR, P01 etc.) by choosing only one of your multipart split files. It is not important which file you choose, e.g. number .004 or.005 or any file of the split files will do. E.g. "Beethoven.mp3.001".
Since beta version 2 you can also drag and drop files to be included in an archive to the MacPAR icon. See the Release Notes.

Limitations of this release

In this release individual file selection for inclusion in a Par archive is limited to drag and drop mode only.

Version 2.0
Updated version released December 2, 2002.

What's new in this version:


Previous versions:

Version 1.1:

Beta version 3:

Beta version 2:


This MacPAR program is freeware. I don't accept any reliability for any damage that might have been caused to your software, files or hardware or other properties by using this program. If you don't agree to this: don't use this program.


MacPAR OS X is licensed under the BSD Open Source license and is part of the open source project for the development of Applescript Studio programs. If you are interested in reviewing the source code of this program or participating in its further development:

PAR is licensed under the BSD Open Source license and is developed in the open source project.

PAR mailing list

You can subscribe to the PAR mailing list at



For bug reports, comments or suggestions please contact me at

My other programs:

MacPAR will work great together in combination with Split & Concat, a freeware utility for OS X.1.2 to split and recombine files for use on Internet newsgroups.


N.B. I only engineered the Mac OS user interface. The actual PAR program has been developed in an open source project
With special thanks to:
The Parchive project members:
ZEP for porting the OS X code!
Stefan Wehlus
Roger Harrison
Ryan Gallagher

Willem Monsuwe
Howard Fukuda
Applescript Studio developers who made
programming in OS X real easy!


Gerard Putter has independently from me created a Par GUI for OS X. I congratulate Gerard with his great work! We didn't know from each other that we were both working on a par utility for the Mac. At this moment I help Gerard with debugging and beta testing his new creation. Gerard's new tool is made in Cocoa and therefore it has not the limitations brought about by the AppleScript Studio environment. That is why his "deLuxe" version has a much better user interface. You can find Gerard's program MacPAR de Luxe here.

Privacy statement

These web pages contain a counter for me to check how many people (and from which country, using which system etc.) have visited this site and downloaded the program. I will not use in any way any information that I obtained through the counter and this information will only be used for my private review and not made available to anyone else. The program does not contain any code that communicates information about you or your computer to me or to others over the Internet. (It seems some people are a bit paranoid...)

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